I have only seen the first series of the new Battlestar Galactica on DVD, but the sheer intelligence and relevance of the stories it tells has struck me like no other show. It seems I’m not the only one – people are talking about the value of BSG as social commentary at Crooked Timber, seedlings, and even Entertainment Weekly. The analysis of the conflict between Colonials and Cylons as it relates to the United States, Iraq, terrorism and World War II is a testament to the contribution good television can make to the level of debate in our society, and is a refreshing break from the overload of reality TV and the expanding rotation of “another week, another crime” police procedurals (remember when John Munch was a character?). Ron Moore has created a setting that starts with a fairly basic and well-trodden premise (machines turn on their creators and war between the “races” ensues) but is using it as a platform to examine a sophisticated set of issues. Anyone who likes science fiction probably already watches it, but the fact is that anyone with a brain should get into this show.