So I’ve spent the last week catching up on the week before, and I think I am almost on track. Some of my research students will be submitting theses this week, which means I have fewer drafts to read and last-minute advice to dispense. It’s not as though I am not incredibly busy now, but I should at least have some autonomy in allocating my time, where the past week has been entirely driven by the arrival of deadlines.

To compensate, I am spending the morning developing an idea for a new subject I want to teach next year. We instituted the concept of a readings subject a while back that allowed staff to offer a semester of readings on a topic of their own choosing. And, as a reward for being the one who put forward the idea of this subject, I have been made responsible for organising it. Unfortunately, because the practical implementation does not match the vision of the subject, nobody has offered a topic to date (although I have one other expression of interest for next year). Since I do not get to spend more than a week or two in any given subject on my main research area, I am going to help myself out by volunteering to teach the subject. This means I can spend the morning mulling over the literature in my own area and pick out the readings I want to introduce to students. All the other stuff can wait until this afternoon.