I have had an all-too-infrequent moment of acknowledgment from one of my students. This student is finishing her undergraduate degree this year and leaving to study medicine in another state. She has been one of the most pleasant students I have ever had to teach – smart, dedicated, engaged with the material, and nice – so when I needed to employ a research assistant this year she was the obvious choice.

This week, she has gone around the department and saif her goodbyes and given gifts to those who helped her along the way. I received a very spiffy Italian tie and a card that contained a lovely personal message. It’s incredibly rewarding to have a student give a genuine and meaningful acknowledgment that I have had an impact on their life. A lot of my colleagues have been talking about the lack of gratitude or even recognition of the assistance we provide – it seems that a “thank you” reply after we answer their questions is becoming an endangered species.

So, to all of those students who take the time to let their teachers know that their efforts are noticed and appreciated, I want to thank you as well.