The photocopying from Monday still is not done. I braved the machinery again today:

  • Selected the paper size and duplexing
  • Copied the chapters I wanted to the copier’s memory
  • Hit “Start”
  • Approximately two seconds later, there was a misfeed
  • Deciphered the cryptic instructions on the copier’s LCD screen to clear out the three jammed pieces of paper
  • Cleared the copier’s memory
  • Left the room

Not spending 45 minutes trying to get multiple machines to work meant that I was capable of telling our secretary that a technician was needed. The other day the infernal contraptions had reduced me to a gibbering wreck. They won’t do that to me again. Never.

So, the library books can get more overdue, and I will wait to hear that the machines are working. Then I’ll test them out.