I feel absolutely exhausted and my brain is going into standby mode. I spent the day in the office going through applications for admission to the postgraduate program I coordinate. Of the ones I have gone through so far, a full 50% don’t meet the academic requirements, which are clearly spelled out on the web site and in our printed brochures. I guess the applicants’ perspective is that they have nothing to lose by applying – maybe we’ll lower our entry standards (except we won’t), and maybe they’ll get lucky (except they won’t). So, the end result is that it takes me twice as long to do this as it might, and the students get nowhere with it anyway. Still, I can look forward to a decent proportion of them contacting me to ask why they missed out on an offer.

Apart from the tedium of going through the applications, the other thing that has sucked the life out of me is that someone close to me appears to be going through the end of a relationship. I feel miserable for her. We spent some time together today and she looks like she’s half a heartbeat away from crying – when she’s not actually crying. I wish there was some way to spare her from the pain she’s going through, but all I can do is listen and try to give whatever comfort and advice I’m able to provide.

I remember thinking that today would be just incredibly dreary. I wish I had been right.