Up to this point I have been posting to the blog using the Performancing for Firefox extension. I’ve just installed the beta of Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer and this is my first attempt at using it.

I like that it has (sort of) got the actual styling from my site in the editor, so I have some idea what the end result will look like. However, it doesn’t seem to be working quite right – I’ll have to do some reading to see whether I can make sense of it.

I also noticed that there is a Blog This for Firefox extension, which would seem to help overcome one of the downsides of Live Writer compared to Performancing – PFF is integrated with my browser. The Blog This button is on the Firefox toolbar rather than down in the statusbar, so I’ll have to get used to going in the opposite direction with the mouse to start a blog entry. I’ll keep playing with both tools and try to figure out which one I prefer.