Okay, so Friday isn’t over yet, but I realise I haven’t blogged all week and I don’t want to fall out of the habit. However, the fact is that this has been a difficult week to find time for anything, due to factors such as:

  • Finishing dealing with the admission applications – which is at done, for the moment. Now there’s just dealing with calls from students who want to know why they did not get a place (which, in more than 95% of cases, is because their grades did not meet the standard specified on our web site).
  • Spent a couple of days dealing with and worrying about an acute crisis with one of our adult kids. I am not able to give any details, but for the moment the concern has eased, although I’m certain we have plenty to still worry about. This also reminds me that I still have a half-finished entry introducing my family – I really am a bad blogger.
  • Had the obligatory couple of meetings that we seem to schedule because we don’t have enough to do – in November we only have the end of semester, final exams, thesis marking, and a few other bits and pieces to deal with.
  • Fought with the photocopier a couple more times before giving up on duplexing, using twice as much paper as I wanted to, and returning all of my overdue books.
  • Organised electronic copies of my readings for next year’s subjects, because apparently it needed to be done urgently (i.e., the person who told me a couple of weeks ago that I wouldn’t need to do it was contacted and told that I should have done it).
  • Had a lovely dinner with good friends a couple of nights ago.
  • Drove kids around to do the things kids need to do.
  • Ate a bit, drank a bit, slept a bit.
  • etc.

So, now the weekend is in sight but the end of the week is nowhere to be seen. I have a pile of stuff left to do, including:

  • Marking the aforementioned theses (1 x PhD, 2 x Honours).
  • Organising students to complete their research projects.
  • Planning a funding application for next year – I have a meeting with a consultant next week, and was supposed to have a draft of the application completed by the end of last week (oops).
  • Trying to finish a couple of manuscripts and get them out to a journal before Christmas arrives.
  • Driving kids around to the things kids need to do.
  • Eating a bit, drinking a bit, and sleeping a bit.
  • etc.

Stay tuned, and life should become normal any minute now.