So, I’m planning my syllabus for next year’s research methods subject and I have run into the same problem that has affected me for the past couple of years – Easter.

TLU starts its mid-semester break on Good Friday. Because I have scheduled my lectures for the subject on Fridays for the past couple of years (because it’s the easiest day to get a good lecture room), I have to cancel a lecture. So far, no big deal – the same thing used to happen when I had Monday lectures. What makes Easter more of a problem is that it moves every year. The semester starts at roughly the same time each year, but Easter and the break can come after anything between from four and nine weeks of classes.

This is especially difficult for the research subject, because the topics follow a step-by-step progression and lead the students through doing the work on their major assignment. Because Easter is in early April next year, we’ll break a couple of weeks earlier than this year. This is making it very difficult to find a way that I can (i) set extra reading to make up for the week without lectures, and (ii) get them to a point where I can say I expect them to make progress on their research report over the break. I am trying to find a way to move some topics around, but I have to avoid rushing through the concepts that are the foundation for everything that comes after.

So while Midsummer and the Christmas holidays are just a few days away, it’s Easter that’s on my mind at the moment.