I am aware that I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I intended, and the simple fact is that it’s because I don’t feel I can at the moment. I’ve also been incredibly busy trying to wrap things up (and no, not just presents) before TLU closes down for a week.

In recent weeks, my work situation has included:

  • Death (of a colleague)
  • Political intrigue (over teaching duties for next year)
  • A selection process for a high-level position, in which we can see the likely outcome and can do nothing to avert it
  • An ongoing stream of questions, ranging from the important to the trivial, from students (former, current, incoming, and potential)
  • Insufficient time spent with my family and insufficient planning for the upcoming holidays
  • Other forms of administedium that has kept me from getting on with my core work

Those first three are the ones that I feel uncomfortable blogging about. Maybe I’ll get to them later, if I can find an appropriate way to discuss the issues. In the meanwhile, I’ll continue to feel guilty about neglecting to blog and will also wish that I could say more.