It’s taking us all a while to get going this morning, so I’m just sitting around in the office and waiting for my brain to move. In the meanwhile:

  • TBH is reading Harry Potter to our little girl (6 y.o.), who shall hereafter be called Miss Serious. They have finally made it past the Goblet of Fire, which means she is finally up to a story that she has not seen in motion picture form. Throughout the other books she has become more attentive whenever it’s something that was not in the films, so the reading should be a lot more rewarding now.
  • I have been listening to music while catching up on blogs. I keep coming back to Augie March. I never tire of their music – it’s beautiful and timeless, unlike anything else I have listened to. I must have played One Crowded Hour at least five times this morning.
  • I have just installed the Scrapbook extension for Firefox, just to try it out. I’m finding the number of software options overwhelming at the moment. For any task I want to perform, there seem to be at least three options – a desktop app, an online service, and a Firefox extension. Do I want something that is a fairly powerful stand-alone app but bound to one computer (e.g., OneNote), integrated with the browser but still has data that is bound to one system (e.g., Scrapbook), or Web-based so I can access it anywhere but with a bit less power (e.g., Google Notebook)? I want it all, but the last thing I want is to have notes stored in multiple applications.
  • The thing about listening to FatBoy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice” is that it creates in me an immediate need to watch the video (that’s the Bruce Dickinson dancing, baby!) I cannot put this song onto my MP3 player until I get one that plays video.
  • Christmas pudding truffles – my contribution to our Midsummer’s dinner tonight.