Any day now… Friday, Jan 26 2007 

January has not been a nice month.

Note to TLU: At some point, you have to stop accepting applications to the course I run. The deadline was months past, yet you keep taking more applications. Just last week, I received more of them to assess, despite the fact that I filled the course and nobody who applied since October has had any  chance of getting an offer.

I’d really like to set fire to the applications (after removing them from their cute plastic sleeves), but unfortunately I can’t. I still have to assess them so that more than 50% of the applicants can be told they are ineligible (usually due to a low GPA). Otherwise, they are all going to apply again in December 2007, and I expect I’ll have new late and ineligible applications to deal with.

I’m still in a place where I have been hiding from blogging, for several reasons. I am struggling to get moving with work and feel like I should not waste time reading or writing on blogs (as opposed to wasting time watching TV, drinking beer, spending time with family, and sleeping). Also, most of the work issues I have been dealing with (apart from the TLU admissions process) have been unbloggable. At the moment, I have colleagues who I want to strangle, colleagues who I want to hug, and colleagues who I want to go very far away from me.

However, things must change. I am going to institute a strict regimen of work activity and a corresponding flurry of blogging activity. As my daughter would say, “Seriously.”

This will all commence after today, which is Australia Day. Happy Birthday, Australia. I’ll spend a bit longer enjoying the Hottest 100, then I’ll be gearing up for a weekend of frantic effort to get back on track.


Good vs Bad Sunday, Jan 14 2007 

The worst part of my weekend:

  • Discovering that somehow SPSS had duplicated the data from five cases and overwritten the data from five other cases in the data I’ve been analyzing since Friday. I’ve reverted to a backup, managed to reproduce the error once and then failed to reproduce it again after that. I now get to spend a Sunday evening doing all of the analyses again (I am so glad I saved the syntax files) and compare the output so I can try to find where it went wrong – then I can update the notes I’ve been taking explaining the results to the students who will be working with them.

The best part of my weekend:

  • Buying The Princess Bride on DVD for $5 and watching it with my ladies. No matter how much crap the universe dumps on me, this is the kind of thing that reminds me how lucky I am.

Abra Cadabra! Thursday, Jan 11 2007 

Hey presto, I’ve managed to make an extra week and a half disappear. Holiday time has been so relaxing that I have struggled to get back near a computer. This means that I now need to catch up on a lot of work, so I’ll blog when I am able.