Insert meme here Wednesday, Nov 29 2006 

Picked up via Bitch, PhD: Acephalous is tracking the propagation of a meme. Anyone reading this should post the link in their own blog and then ping Technorati.


Round and round and round we go Friday, Oct 13 2006 

Queen of West Procrastination is at the opposite end of the same gut-wrenching process I just completed. Mind you, I’m already circling around for another pass – I am approaching the end of “early career researcher” eligibility and so I have the extra pressure of not wanting to miss the opportunity to be considered in that group. Not that I am sure there is any advantage in it – it’s a subset of the applicant pool competing for a subset of the funding pool, so it all depends on the relative size of those two things.

The question I keep returning to is how many papers I could manage to write in the time it will take to organise an application. My teaching and administrative loads are pretty much fixed, so an taking on a funding application means diverting time away from another research activity, family time, recreation, or sleep. And I like all of those things.

Poop Wednesday, Oct 11 2006 

The major national (non-medical) research grants for next year were announced today. I missed out (along with around 80% of applicants).