Shiny! Monday, Dec 11 2006 

A Firefly MMORPG could be seriously good – of course, it could also be seriously bad, but let’s assume for now that the glass is 50% full. And the fact that it’s a Firefly license (from FOX) means they can draw on all of the content from the TV series. Okay, so the Serenity table-top RPG got around the limitations of having their licensing arrangement with Universal pretty easily (“no names mentioned” examples that were eerily familiar to viewers of the TV show), but this will just be more straightforward. The concept of Multiverse also looks interesting, and I suspect this will boost their profile outside of the core MMO community.


Breaking the Ice Sunday, Dec 10 2006 

While spending some time reading role-playing forums on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I just discovered what seems like an incredibly cool game. It’s called Breaking the Ice, and I love the premise of it.

The game is designed for two players, who take on the roles of two people who have just met and are going on up to three dates. Essentially, it’s a story-telling game about the (potential) development of a romantic relationship.

It seems to me that it could be an awful lot of fun, but also a great way to examine issues surrounding social interactions and especially romantic connections – what makes them work and what doesn’t. I’m fascinated by the concept and can see all sorts of things to explore. For instance, how does playing it with one’s own partner work in comparison to playing with a non-romantic friend? I can also see that it’s a really neat framework that people could take in whatever direction they would like to go.

As much as anything else, this entry is a reminder to myself to follow up on this game. I always tend to find something cool and then get distracted by a bumblebee and never come back to it.